Global design & consultancy organization for natural and built assets


Leaders in global design, engineering, and management consultancy for natural and built assets, Arcadis develops innovative solutions to create livable cities, in order to establish a people-centric future of mobility and transform industries. Arcadis needed videos made in a documentary style to showcase some of their amazing projects and pro bono work across the United States.


Arcadis is a company that is passionate about using storytelling to highlight their projects that improve the quality of life for communities around the world. Working closely with the North America office we’ve produced short documentaries covering projects in New York, California, Georgia, Colorado, and Kentucky that inspire philanthropy and innovation in the engineering industry.

Jackson Street Bridge

Atlanta, GA

Creating a Community for Access and Advocacy

Denver, CO

Russel: A Place of Promise

Louisville, KY

Our Role

Animation & Design

Media Consulting

Sound Engineering

Shoot Location Permitting

Video Branding

Video Preproduction

Video Production

Video Postproduction

Connected Corridor Proof of Concept

San Francisco, CA

PFAS Filtration Technology

Syracuse, NY

William A. Barry Park

Syracuse, NY

I partner with Magelssen Media for one simple reason: Nils is a fabulous storyteller. We’ve worked together for years, and he always brings my ideas to life in a way that far exceeds my original vision. Here’s a recent example: The other day I went to a meeting where the presenter showed two videos Magelssen produced with my team. The first was an emotionally compelling video about pro-bono work Arcadis is doing with Russell: A Place of Promise in Kentucky – for which Nils traveled to Louisville and interviewed everyone from people in the neighborhood to the mayor. The other was a series of videos in support of a client experience initiative, where he helped us transform a pretty flat roleplay concept into fun and engaging mockumentary-style videos. These two projects couldn’t have been more different, but our people can’t stop talking about either one of them. Nils’ passion is contagious, his work is masterful and he’s helped us elevate the way we tell the Arcadis story.

–Susan Mays, Jacobs