Beauty and the Surgeon

A podcast about cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine

Beauty and the Surgeon

Beauty and the Surgeon

Beauty and the Surgeon is an educational podcast about cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, and aesthetic medicine. Hosted by Dr. Jason Martin and his patient coordinator and office manager, Amy, together remove the veil of mystery surrounding their industry by talking about surgical and non-surgical procedures, and everything in between, to empower and educate their audience.


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Magelssen Media provided us with full end to end services to help make our podcast a reality. This included content creation, graphic design, production services, distribution management and social media marketing. Most importantly, they embraced and molded our unique idea for creating an education based yet entertaining podcast which focused on health, fitness and beauty. With their guidance, we were able to quickly define our niche and expertly nourish its growth. With 4 years under our belt, it’s truly remarkable what we’ve accomplished in this medium. We owe all our success to Magelssen Media.

–Dr. Jason Martin, Beauty and the Surgeon Podcast

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