Dinosaur Ridge

National natural landmark and #1 dinosaur tracksite in the United States


Home of the world’s first Stegosaurus discovery, Dinosaur Ridge features dinosaur tracks, bones and fossils from the Cretaceous and Jurassic Periods first studied and named during the Bone Wars of 1877. Their mission is to educate the public about, and ensure the preservation of, the natural and historic resources of Dinosaur Ridge, Triceratops Trail, and related paleontology sites. Dinosaur Ridge wanted to optimize and evolve their web presence. They needed a website that staff could easily update, and wanted to improve messaging, user experience and design. They also wanted to increase the amount of membership sign-ups and opportunities to donate online.


We provided Dinosaur Ridge with a user-friendly CMS so internal teams can quickly and easily update the website. Using a phased approach, we realigned the site structure and content and added newly designed template pages and layouts. We captured original photography and video which is featured across the new site. In addition to an increased number of call-to-action links, they have better tracking data and enhanced site security. Overall the new improvements work together to provide an engaging user-friendly website experience for staff and visitors.

Our Role

Graphic Design


Post Production

Video Production

Video Shooting

Web Design

Website Realign

Website Redesign

Website Strategy

Sarah and Nils made our much needed website redesign project a pleasure and a relief! Their experience and professionalism guided us through the process step-by-step and transformed our online presence. They did a beautiful job!
–Kristen Kidd, Friends of Dinosaur Ridge