A Technology Joint Venture of the Major Hollywood Studios


MovieLabs is a non-profit R+D JV founded by the major Hollywood studios driven to find innovative solutions to industry challenges shared by member studios and the broader ecosystem. They help architect next gen production technologies, streamline and automate distribution chains, deliver new experiences to consumers, and secure the creative assets that are the core capital of their industry. Communicating the MovieLabs vision to their stakeholders and the public involves a wide range of deliverables across marketing channels and platforms.


From icons to video, websites and everything in between, we  support design and communication initiatives so MovieLabs can successfully communicate their vision.

Using video presentations with engaging animations we helped the MovieLabs team communicate examples of their 2030 Vision to industry stakeholders as well as producing on-on-one interviews with technology experts and MovieLabs CEO, Rich Berger.

MovieLabs developed a Visual Language to provide a standardized way to illustrate and share workflow diagrams which includes an icon system unique to their industry.​ We helped with design production of the icon system and style guidelines.

We also provide design and production for branding, events, presentations, white papers, case studies, social media and websites.

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MovieLabs Visual Language


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