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Get an insider’s perspective on wearing the red jacket and all aspects of ski patrolling. This podcast from the National Ski Patrol features experts discussing medical care, avalanche and snow safety, and all things related to an outdoor lifestyle and vocation.


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The National Ski Patrol is a federally-chartered nonprofit and the leading authority of on-mountain safety. The NSP is dedicated to serving the outdoor recreation industry by providing education and accreditation to emergency care and safety service providers.


With the main objective to inform and inspire listeners, we record and produce a monthly podcast interviewing NSP members and staff with subject matter ranging from safety protocols and member information to amazing stories from patrollers all across the country. Partnering with Varus Insight and NSP leadership or goal is to further improve communication to the over 30,000 loyal members while also inspiring the public to join and support the National Ski Patrol.
National Ski Patrol Podcast studio record session


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Working with Nils is always a no brainer. He’s a rare find to have both world-class audio engineering and editing chops while also being amazing with clients. During production, he puts everyone at ease which makes all the difference in the finished project. Can’t wait to work with him again.

–Stephen Ludwig, Varus Insight